At the beginning of a vision is an idea. 

The idea was to develop a unique wireless EMS system.

Visionbody’s vision is to make EMS training accessible to everyone with a certain philosophy.

Training with EMS as a booster of your training and not EMS training as a static variant as it is still used everywhere today.

Group training with functional exercises wherever you want, instead of static monotony in front of a machine with a long cable.

Visionbody has internalized this self-created philosophy.
A team of more than 45 employees implements the thoughts of the founders and thus makes the new EMS training possible.

Employed engineers in the hard- and software area as well as top employees in the textile production develop the best components for you every day, which are then assembled to the Visionbody system.

Highest quality of the installed components and most precise processing of the suits on the latest machines are our claim.


Visionbody stands for a team of people who do their best every day to offer our customers the best possible product on the market.

What do we want to achieve?  Mission goal

The goal is to be the market leader and innovative leader in the field of wireless EMS training.

How do we want to achieve it? Principles / Strategy

The selection of the best components and staff are prerequisites to create such an innovative product. The attention to detail gives the final touch.

What do we stand for? Vision / self-image

  • We have courage for new things.
  • We do not want to stand still.
  • We are fast and effective.
  • We act quickly and see changes as opportunities.
  • We are innovative and constantly look for new solutions.
  • We consistently drive things forward and are a team.
  • We want to be first in the market.

Timeline & Milestones

Visionbody foundation by Henri Schmidt
Visionbody 1.0
First 100% wireless EMS Generation 1 worldwide.
Visionbody is an innovative market leader.
October 2015
EMS Group Training
Launch of the world's first Bluetooth controlled 8-group system
October 2015
Development of sales in > 40 countries, including China
Investment of > EUR 3 million EBIT for development & company set-up from 2014 to 2017 by the founders
April 2017
Product development
Start of an own development department as
Visionbody Technologies GmbH
April 2017
Boris Becker Visionbody EMS Training
April 2017
FIBO 2017
Successful Fibo 2017 with Boris Becker as brand ambassador. Through this measure Visionbody was on all channels of the German TV stations.
April 2017
October 2017
Market launch VB Home
Market launch of the Visionbody Home Edition for the B2C sector.
October 2017
October 2017
Ready to go
Successful implementation of Visionbody structures with own development team of 5 engineers in software and hardware programming.
October 2017
May 2018
Opening of Dubai office
Opening of an office in Dubai to cover the market in the Arab countries.
May 2018
March 2020
Start suit production
The goal of Visionbody Technologies GmbH was always to become independent from external suppliers. This last step was accomplished with the construction of the own suit factory in. After 6 months of planning and despite the delay due to the corona virus, production could start from 15.3.2020. Here 25 employees are employed.
March 2020
August 2020
Move to Düsseldorf
In August 2020, Visionbody has moved its headquarter to Düsseldorf.
August 2020
March 2021
Visionbody 3.0
The Visionbody version 3.0 is the new heart of Visionbody. Unique features and a new connection plate make this version so incomparable. Permanent heart rate measurement and a movement generator are only two of the new USP's that make Visionbody stand out from the competition.
March 2021

Suits from own production

In March 2020 Visionbody opened its own production facility for Visionbody Suits in Shenzen/China. 18 employees are able to produce the new and worldwide unique EMS Suit on ultra-modern machines. This Suit is in large parts no longer sewn, but glued with a new technique.

Therefore the suit is much more robust and has a much improved wearing comfort compared to the suits that were in use until now. The aim is to turn the personal suit into a normal sports dress.
Hygienic and stylish, flexible and equipped with electrodes, the suit enables a highly effective muscle training in 20 minutes. Humidification of the electrodes is not necessary!

Market launch 2014
> 7 years experience
> 40 employees
Systems in the market
> over 3000 systems sold
> to over 30 countries


VB PRO is the wireless EMS system for professional use.


VB HOME is the powerful EMS system for private use at home and on the road.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


We would like to inform you regularly about news from Visionbody.

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