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One of the main advantages of EMS training is the ability to target specific muscle groups more effectively and efficiently. With traditional resistance training, it can be difficult to fully fatigue certain muscle groups without also engaging stabilizing muscles. VBTEC EMS devices allow trainers to specifically stimulate and fatigue the intended muscle group, leading to improved muscle development and strength in exceptional precision and effectiveness.

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Improved muscle strength and development:

EMS can be an effective way to improve muscle strength and development, particularly in hard-to-target muscle groups.

Time efficiency:

EMS training can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.


EMS training can be used as a standalone workout or as an addition to traditional resistance training. It can also be used in rehabilitation programs and for individuals with physical impairments or limitations.


The ability to easily move and set up the EMS system in different areas of the gym or in outdoor training spaces

Better training experience

The potential for a more immersive and interactive training experience for clients due to the wireless nature of the system.


No tangled cords or cables to deal with, making the training environment safer and more organized

Improved muscle strength and function:

EMS can help improve muscle strength and function in individuals with physical impairments or limitations.

Pain management:

EMS may help reduce pain and improve mobility in individuals with chronic pain.


EMS can be used in rehabilitation programs to help individuals regain muscle strength and function following an injury or surgery, and to prevent muscle atrophy in individuals with limited mobility.

Discover VB Tec, the most advanced EMS Technologies.

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