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WITH THE EMS suit FOR home!

WITH THE EMS suit FOR home!

Back pain is considered the number one widespread disease in Germany.
Over two-thirds of all Germans suffer from back pain in the course of a year. Particularly sitting too long often creates problems in the lower back. 

Reasons for this suffering are many: lack of exercise,long sitting,incorrect postures, overweight, stress or overwork.

20 minutes of EMS training For a STRONG BACK.

Why can EMS training in particular help?

Studies show that there is now the solution to back pain: EMS. 

Already in 2002, sports scientists at the University of Bayreuth were able to prove the effectiveness of EMS training for back pain. The impressive figures of the study show that 88.7 percent of those affected experienced clear relief of back pain. In 38.8 percent even a very strong improvement of the complaint status occurred. 

To use EMS training against back pain, the electrodes of the training clothes are also attached in the lumbar region, because that is where most of the complaints occur. This allows thedeeper arranged muscle strands, which are responsible for stabilizing the spine, to be efficiently addressed and strengthened, so that pain and tension are released.

The result:

Back pain is reduced or disappears completely through EMS training with Visionbody.
Results that are achieved with classic strength training only with hours of regular sessions, you feel with our EMS training after a short time – and with only one or two units of 20 minutes per week.

EMS Suit for home use


EMS at Home Video
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Small, light, handy – and full of power. This is how the Visionbody EMS box docks onto the Visionbody Powersuit and supplies it with the most intelligent frequency variations since EMS training has been around.

Barely bigger than a smartphone, but full of new impulses for the EMS training of the future: All our know-how has gone into the small Visionbody EMS box – and flows directly into the Visionbody Powersuit via highly conductive magnetic heads.

Smartphone/tablet not included in the scope of delivery.


Wireless EMS Suit

The box is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and fixed to the powersuit. No interference, no restriction of movement.

No moistening

No wetting or spraying of the suit is necessary before the start of training.

Bluetooth control

The control box is controlled by Bluetooth 4.0 from your iPhone or iPad.

4 training programs

The intuitively designed software enables fast and safe operation. From the 4 pre-installed training programs, you simply select the one you want.

Strong results

Your maximum physical performance increases by up to 30% in just a few weeks.

20 minutes are enough

20 minutes of EMS training replace up to 4 hours of classic workout.




The CARDIO program trains basic endurance, which is the basis for further training programs. The 15-20 minute program is designed to improve basic endurance.


The STRENGTH program is designed for muscle building. Here you can also choose between different intensities and training lengths. But beware, the program is addictive.


The FATBURNING program combines muscle stimulation and metabolism stimulation, which boosts fat burning. Combined with longer training duration, the fat burning process is turbo-charged. Goodbye cellulite!


This program relaxes the muscles through a combination of loosening contractions. MASSAGE program is ideal to pamper your muscles after a strenuous workout.



I travel a lot for work and always have Visionbody with me. So I can train effectively anytime and anywhere.

Andrea Kaiser

Television host


I already know the Visionbody System from professional use. The Visionbody Personal System is the ideal complement for me.

Axel Schulz

Professional boxer


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