EMS training in fitness club:

That's how it gets really profitable!

As a studio owner, you know, how challenging it is to attract, retain or win back new members. Especially in today’s times!

With Visionbody’s wireless EMS studio package you can offer your customers attractive & lucrative EMS training, resulting in many advantages for you as an operator :


  • Unique selling point compared to the competitor.
  • Attracting potential customers from existing
    EMS studios - larger offer in clubs incl. EMS.
  • Attracting new prospects.
  • Recovering former customers.
  • The operator does not need any additional
  • Relatively low entry cost for the
    new use of EMS with the dry suit from
    VISIONBODY in the club.
  • Less cost for consumables (no additional
    cost for individual electrodes (legs, butt and arm)).
  • Less time commitment for staff - customer comes
    already changed and the VISIONBODY is
    self-explanatory and easy to put on;
    a one-time instruction is all that is needed.
  • Refinancing of running costs through sale
    and rental of the suit and systems.
  • Data protection: the training data of the
    customer are collected and stored, the operator
    and the customer have exclusively insight into the
    "history" of the customer.
  • ic_umsatz
    Increase in turnover of the facility:
  • the suit and the system can be sold to members as well, and the operator gets commissions.
  •  the suit and the system can be rented per training session, or with an additional monthly fee further sales can be generated.
  • Fitness club hygiene
  • Contactless training – Handing over the box and device CONTACTLESS and the customer comes in the best case with his own suit, or takes over at the counter the suit and goes to the locker room.
  • Distance rules can, according to the hygiene concepts used, simply and easily.
  • Antibacterial suit and members can make their own suits or or systems
  • https://vision-body.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/neues-tag.png
    The club has a new offer:
  • EMS training with VISIONBODY is free training everywhere in the club, at home and outdoors (together as a supplement to classic training, courses,…)


Investment for the operator:

Studio Edition € 16,900.00 net
(2 power boxes, 20 suits)
Leasing rate assumption:
€ 350.00 net for 60 months 

Sale of private systems:

Additional revenue from the sale of 4
new private systems (€ 250.00 per system)
in the month: € 1,000.00

Sale of memberships:

Monthly fee for EMS memberships €99.00
assuming 5 persons additionally EMS
per month: € 495,00

(in House Upgrade € 29,- or € 49,- per month)

Renting systems on top:

EMS system is rented 5 times a day for € 15,00
for 20 minutes as a training booster (€ 15,00 x 5 = € 75,00 x 30 days), this means an additional income
per month: € 2,250.00

Sale of suits:

Additional income from the
Sale of suits
per month: € 50,00 per suit

Renting systems for courses:

8 card per person – at €150 net per card – with a 1:2 training this means, with 5 members per month, an additional income per month: € 750,00

Start now with EMS!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject:
Successful and profitable EMS training in the studio business“.

Visionbody Vertriebs GmbH
Holzstr. 2
40231 Düsseldorf, Germany
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