Visionbody Powerpants

Visionbody Powerpants

Visionbody Powerpants

The Visionbody Powerpants

You have annoying cellulite and don’t know what to do about it?
Combat problem zone number 1 with the latest technology from Visionbody. We are one of the leading companies in the field of highly effective EMS training.

The Visionbody Powerpants consists of:

1 Visionbody Powerpants (with integrated EMS electrodes)
1 Visionbody Box, Bluetooth control box for attachment to the Powerpants
1 Smartphone App (iPhone only, no Android)
1 charger
1 instruction manual



delivery time: 14 days

The Visionbody Cellulite Killer combines HIGH EFFECTIVE LOW AND MEDIUM FREQUENCES, enabling you to train not only the superficial muscles but especially the deep muscles.

These specially developed impulses build up the deep muscles and strengthen the connective tissue, making it harder for the fat to settle. The result: cellulite-free and firm skin.

20 minutes are enough: just 20 minutes per week are enough to achieve visible improvements.
Fast results: Due to the high effectiveness you will have visible success after only a few weeks.
Flexibility: Whether at home or on holiday. With the Powerpants you can train anytime and anywhere.
simple: The Powerpants is easily controllable via the iPhone app and can be integrated into any everyday situation

The Visionbody Powerpants System consists of the following components:

1 Visionbody box

Bluetooth control box to pair with your Apple iPhone 5s or newer or iPad Air or newer.
App Download from the Apple Appstore.
(Android app is not available for the Powerpants)

1 Visionbody Powerpants

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL (Unisex)
The sizes are based on regular sizes.
The pants is made of flexible fabric and thus covers up to two sizes.
If the selected size does not fit, you can change the pants to another size within 14 days.

1 Battery charger

Inpt: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz 1500mA (max)
DC 12-24V 3000mA (min)
Output: DC 8.4V / 12.6V / 16.8V

1 Instruction manual

Due to the high effectiveness and the associated muscular effort, we recommend not to do more than three training sessions of 20 minutes each per week. The body needs regeneration periods to process the training. For health reasons, the duration of use is limited to 120 minutes per week.

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