Visionbody Powerpants

Visionbody Powerpants

Visionbody Powerpants

The Visionbody Powerpants

Combat problem zone number 1 with the latest technology from Visionbody. We are one of the leading companies in the field of highly effective EMS training.

The Visionbody Powerpants consists of:

1 Visionbody Powerpants (with integrated EMS electrodes)
1 Visionbody Box, Bluetooth control box for attachment to the Powerpants
1 Smartphone App (iPhone only, no Android)
1 charger
1 instruction manual

 1.490,00  1.190,00


20 minutes of EMS training replace up to 4 hours of classic workout.

Pilates, running or yoga. Muscle building, endurance or fat loss. There are as many sports and training types as there are exercisers. Get the best out of yourself with Visionbody.

Maximum performance increases by up to 30% in a few weeks.
Muscle mass increases by up to 14% in a few months..

30 Tage Geld zurück Garantie

30 days money back guarantee!

Our goal is your satisfaction. Therefore, we offer the 30-day money back guarantee from delivery! This allows you to test the ordered products without risk. If the purchased goods do not meet your expectations, you can return them within the 30-day withdrawal period without ifs and buts.
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Die Visionbody POWERPANTS sorgen für mehr Power bei Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, Spinning, Zumba und Co. und sind optimal für Bauch, Beine Po, Rücken und Rumpf geeignet. 

Kabelloses EMS Training bei völliger Bewegungsfreiheit wird damit möglich, egal wann und wo! Die unterschiedlichen Intensitäten ermöglichen eine individuelle Belastungssteuerung an den gewünschten Muskelgruppen.

Die Pants sitzt wie eine zweite Haut und dank 5 verschiedener Größen (Unisex), ergibt das einen maximalen Wohlfühlfaktor beim Training.


Klein, leicht, griffig – und voller Power. So dockt die EMS Box an den Powersuit an und versorgt ihn mit den intelligentesten Frequenz-Variationen (Nieder- & Mittelfrequenzen) seit es EMS Training gibt.

Kaum größer als ein Smartphone, aber voller neuer Impulse für das EMS Training der Zukunft: In die kleine Visionbody EMS Box ist unser ganzes Know-how eingeflossen – und fließt über hochleitfähige Magnetköpfe direkt in den Visionbody Powersuit.

Wireless EMS Suit

The box is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and magnetically fixed to the powersuit. No interference, no restriction of movement.

No moistening needed

No wetting or spraying of the suit is necessary before the start of training.

Bluetooth control

The control box is controlled by Bluetooth 4.0 from your iPhone or iPad.

4 Trainingsprograms

The intuitively designed software enables fast and safe operation. From the 4 pre-installed training programs, you simply select the one you want.

Strong results

Your maximum physical performance increases by up to 30% in just a few weeks.

20 minutes are enough

20 minutes of EMS training replace up to 4 hours of classic workout.

Smartphone/Tablet not included.




The CARDIO program trains basic endurance, which is the basis for further training programs. The 15-20 minute program is designed to improve basic endurance.


The STRENGTH program is designed for muscle building. Here you can also choose between different intensities and training lengths. But beware, the program is addictive.


Das FATBURNING Programm verbindet Muskelstimulation und Anregung des Stoffwechsels, wodurch die Fettverbrennung angekurbelt wird. Kombiniert mit längerer Trainingsdauer legt die Fettverbrennung noch einen Turbo ein. Cellulite ade!


This program relaxes the muscles through a combination of loosening contractions. MASSAGE program is ideal to pamper your muscles after a strenuous workout.

You need someone to explain the first steps to you?
No problem...

In this 30-45 minute introductory course JohannesAnja will show you everything you need to know before, during and after your EMS workout to get the most out of your Visionbody PowerSuit workout.

This live coaching via “Zoom” included in the purchase is ideal for anyone who has just purchased a Visionbody Powerssuit or needs a little refresher.

Because of the high effectiveness and the associated muscular effort, we recommend not to perform more than three training sessions á 20 minutes per week. The body needs regeneration time during which it processes the training. The duration of use is limited to 120 minutes per week for health reasons.

The pants sizes are based on regular clothing sizes.
The suit is made of flexible fabric and thus covers up to two sizes. If the selected size does not fit, you can exchange the suit within 30 days to another size.

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