It is suitable for everybody over 18 for anyone who wants to be physically active and wants to achieve excellent results in a short time.
It gives a boost to all sports activities, but above all, it is excellent for strength training. And it does so without heavy weights. 

Our formula is: muscles burn fat. Toned muscles burn even more fat and make you more efficient in your everyday life.

People with cardiovascular disease, pacemakers, cancer or epilepsy should not do EMS training. EMS training should not be used during pregnancy, but can certainly be used to effectively get back into shape after pregnancy.

The power-suit, EMS-box, washing bag, manual (Smartphone/tablet is not included). You can download the Visionbody app for your Apple iOS devices (min. iPhone 5s or iPad Air).

4 years for the box, 6 months for the suit.
Please refer to the included instruction manual with regard to caring for the Visionbody suit.

You can return your “Personal  for a refund of the purchase price within 30 days of receipt.

Yes, easy-care at a maximum of 30°C. Maximum spin speed: 800 min.
The Visionbody Power suit does not need to be washed after each training session.
Wash the suit in the mesh laundry bag that is provided, do not turn it inside out.
Fasten all Velcro closures before washing.
But after each training session, the suit should be turned “inside out” so that it can dry much faster.
You are recommended to wash the Visionbody Power suit after 3-4 training sessions.
Mild detergent (without bleach) should be used. Do not use fabric softener.

The cut is a bit different. Woman suit’s leg is longer.

You can find the necessary user information on our YouTube channel.  

It should be used no more than twice a week for 20 minutes each time.
20 minutes of Visionbody training is the optimal load for your body.
The effect is supported by ensuring sufficient fluids are consumed prior to training.

20 minutes of EMS training will replace up to 4 hours of a traditional workout.
Maximum performance increases by up to 30% within a few weeks.
Muscle mass increases by up to 14% within a few months.

The Visionbody power-suit can be used to give all sports activities a “boost”.
Apart from swimming, all activities are possible.

Check if the Visionbody Box is charged and switched on.
Verify that the magnetic buttons on the base plate are properly attached, connecting the Visionbody
Box to the Visionbody Power suit
Check that both the profile image and the impulse areas are correctly selected so that the intensity
can be increased.

Perform a longer warm up so that the impulse fields are no longer blue but are highlighted in grey.
Before starting the training it is not necessary to moisten or spray the suit.

Slight reddening of the skin is possible following the training.
The redness generally occurs as a result of an increased blood circulation and should disappear
a few minutes after training.
Strong irritations may occur as a result of an excessive intensity. During the next training session,
a lower intensity should be selected.

Yes, this is normal but this does not happen to everyone.
The sensation occurs because the Visionbody Power suit stimulates the nerves that control
the muscles.

Sore muscles are a sign, however not an absolute must for intensive training.
Any intensive muscle training can result in sore muscles, and this is also the case with
the Visionbody Power suit
This depends on the intensity and complexity of the workout.
EMS stimulates the muscles more intensively, which is why severe sore muscles
can occur after the first few sessions.
If the intensity of the sore muscles is too intense, the intensity should be reduced for the
next training session.

The CARDIO program trains basic endurance levels,
which serve as the basis for further training programs.
The 15-20 minute program serves to improve basic stamina.

Is used to build muscle. You can also choose between different intensities and training lengths.
But beware, this program is addictive.

combines muscle and metabolism stimulation, thereby boosting fat burning.
Combined with a longer training time, fat burning goes into turbo mode. Goodbye to cellulite!

This program relaxes the muscles through a variety of loosening contractions.
The MASSAGE program is an ideal way to pamper your muscles after a strenuous workout.

Please send a video with the problem and write a little
explanation of what happens also with the box serial number to and in a term of 24 hours you will be replied.

Please write your country and post code to asking for this information.

Yes, you only need to get into
and you will find different tutorials.

It takes three weeks more or less to make the manufacture and get everything together, plus the time that it takes to ship it from
Germany to the place where you live by an express transport service.

Transport fee is not included. The exact shipping cost will be automatically calculated

The system is made in Germany.

Yes you can, and the final price will be minus 250€ approx.
But you need to write your box serial number, full name, postal address
and email address in our chat room or to

Exceptionally yes, you need to leave your full contact information
and they how you want to make the payment in our chat room or
by writing to and we will respond you accordingly.

Yes, we have all the proper documentation and certifications to sell from Germany internationally

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