Visionbody Training Club

Visionbody Training Club

Welcome to the Club!My name is Johannes andI am the Head of the Visionbody Academy. I will show you what the EMS training of the future looks like and how you will succeed with it!

For more than 12 years, I have been training regularly with my neighbors in my backyard. Besides the factor that it’s a hell of a lot of fun to train together with others, it’s a wonderful exchange about training for all involved.

Our motto: Learn, train and get better together!

The same community, fun and development in terms of training, I and my team would like to pass on to you. We try to do all this every day with Visionbody Media (Blog, TV, Instagram, Facebook & Podcast)and live events at Zoomand soon again live and in color at a training event near you, to bring you closer.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you make your workout with Visionbody EMS a complete success, so you can reach your training goals!

“I am  here to help you get the most out of your workout.” – Johannes

VISIONBODY training principles will help you...

Lose fat where it counts.

We show you why EMS creates such a huge weight loss effect and how you can use it in your training!

To become stronger & faster

EMS strength training activates 90% of your muscles and strengthens especially type I & II muscle fibers until old age!

Overcome motivation problems

With EMS you can say goodbye to long and tiring workouts! We'll show you how to do it with 10-20 minutes of training.

train more effectively

Not only do we sell you the best training technology on the market, but we actively support your training.

Your best start into EMS Training

EMS training has been around a little longer in Germany. But training with EMS is something totally new. It means that you can do your EMS training completely detached from cables and clunky machines and combine almost every training method and sport with it. That’s why we call this training also Hybrid Training or Functional EMS Training. 

Here you will learn how to put on your PowerSuit, adjust the PowerBox and start your workout and what exactly EMS training is! It’s your perfect start to your functional EMS training experience. 

Visionbody Media

Besides our SocialMedia platforms you can find all our blog articles, interviews, training videos, expert talks and radio shows here in our media section.  

We have compiled the best material for you so that you can continue to keep up to date on the topic of EMS training alongside our Zoom events.

Visionbody Akademie

Our Academy offers you the opportunity to learn more about the handling of our system, learn new training techniques or learn from other EMS experts.

With the Academy, we also train our Visionbody Performance Experts worldwide, as well as our gym partners. 

Visionbody EMS is the evolution of a training revolution. The education of our home customers, trainers and other health professionals is close to our hearts. Because only those who are confident in using this technology will be able to make the most of it!

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