Visionbody Training Club

Visionbody Training Club

VISIONBODY training principles will help you...

Lose fat where it counts.

We show you why EMS creates such a huge weight loss effect and how you can use it in your training!

To become stronger & faster

EMS strength training activates 90% of your muscles and strengthens especially type I & II muscle fibers until old age!

Overcome motivation problems

With EMS you can say goodbye to long and tiring workouts! We'll show you how to do it with 10-20 minutes of training.

train more effectively

Not only do we sell you the best training technology on the market, but we actively support your training.

Live product presentation

In this 30min product presentation our Academy Head Coach Johannes will tell you everything you need to know about Visionbody EMS and how to use our visionary EMS solution to get your fitness issues fixed and solved. Forever!

Johannes is looking forward to meet you and answer all of your questions.

Your Visionbody Team

EMS online Personal Training

In this 30min Personal EMS Training Johannes is gonna make you sweat and feel great at the same time. Online EMS Training is the easiest way to get a fitness professional and reach your results without making training complicated.

This is what you will accomplish with online EMS Training built serious muscle, burn fat, become more flexible and get the body you always wanted with 20min of training.

Every Saturday and Sunday.

39,00Euro per Session

Monthly EMS Training Package


In this online Personal EMS Training package, one of our licensed Personal Trainers will built a training plan for the month and make you feel good about training and show you how to reach your training goals.

Just chose an appointment here to meet your coach and set up your weekly trainings.

This is what you will accomplish with online EMS Training: Built serious muscle, burn fat, become more flexible and get the body you always wanted with 20min of training.

219,00Euro per Month

VB20 Online Bootcamp


It is good to shock the system and get a real good training bootcamp at least once a week! 

Our weekly VB20 Bootcamp will help you to built serious muscle, burn fat and get the body you always wanted!

“Let’s get sweaty and burn some calories together!”

Next Bootcamp: Every Wednesday!

Costs: 100% Free!!

Visionbody Akademie

Our Academy offers you the opportunity to learn more about the handling of our system, learn new training techniques or learn from other EMS experts.

With the Academy, we also train our Visionbody Performance Experts worldwide, as well as our gym partners. 

Visionbody EMS is the evolution of a training revolution. The education of our home customers, trainers and other health professionals is close to our hearts. Because only those who are confident in using this technology will be able to make the most of it!

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