Visionbody Academy

We offer a variety of training courses and workshops to help you use our EMS system optimally for your training.

We currently have two training courses in the program:

Your Kickstart with Visionbody EMS for our home customers.

Continuing Education for EMS Professionals for trainers, affiliates & gym partners

In addition to continuing education, we also offer paid workshops that will help you reach your training goals quickly and safely:

EMS Strength Training with Visionbody and EMS Fat Burn Training with Visionbody.

Education for Fitness Professionals

If you are a Fitness Pro then this is the right Zoom for you! Tell us what you wanted to know about Visionbody EMS and how we can help you to develop your training business with EMS!

In this 1:1 Call, our Head of Training & Education, Johannes, will teach you and your team everything you need to know about Visionbody EMS.

“We are here to help you & your team to become better!”

99,00 Euro per Session

Visionbody EMS Knowledge


On our Visionbody Blog you will get all of our knowledge about EMS Training and how to get better with our technology and learn how to reach your goals with maximum results in minimum time.

Just click on the link below and sign up for our Blog! 

EMS Performance Mentorship

In our official EMS certification our Master Trainers will teach you everything about EMS, Training science and how you can solve the fitness problems of your clients with 2x 20min a week of training while enjoying life to the fullest. 

Duration: 10 Days

Costs: 249,00Euro each person

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