Visionbody Academy

We offer a variety of training courses and workshops to help you use our EMS system optimally for your training.

We currently have two training courses in the program:

Your Kickstart with Visionbody EMS for our home customers.

Continuing Education for EMS Professionals for trainers, affiliates & gym partners

In addition to continuing education, we also offer paid workshops that will help you reach your training goals quickly and safely:

EMS Strength Training with Visionbody and EMS Fat Burn Training with Visionbody.

Your kickstart with Visionbody EMS

In this 45-minute workshop, Johannes/Anja explain to you what you should pay attention to before, during and after your EMS training and how you can use the training programs optimally for you!

Be there when we reveal our best tips & tricks for your training!

Advanced training for EMS professionals

You are one of our affiliate partners, EMS trainers or fitness club partners and need a refresher for you or your team?

No problem. Just click on the link and sign up for one of our available dates and tell us what you need a refresher for! Your appointment will then be confirmed immediately!

Special courses and workshops

Our special workshops are all about your training goals and how you can solve them in combination with our PowerSuit! Training expert Johannes explains to you exactly which exercises and which training program should be combined in which way to achieve the best results! The workshops last 90min and cost 49,- Euro per person.

EMS strength training with Visionbody

In this workshop you will learn how to get stronger with EMS and get more power without maintaining your energy in everyday life. 

With the help of scientific training principles and our extraordinary EMS technology, we will show you how to build muscles, get a better Köraperhltung and feel strong and active. This workshop is suitable from young to old and and will help you achieve your goals with minimal time.

Equipment: Body weight, elastic bands, 2x 3-5Kg dumbbells. 

Time commitment: 2-3x 20min training per week

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