Visionbody PRO App

The Visionbody PRO app is the command center of our innovative and powerful EMS system. It is used to control all functions of the EMS box located on the suit. 

The selection of the body areas to be trained and the intensity per area is done via the intuitive interface, if desired also up to 8 trainers simultaneously and individually.

EMS Programs

The Visionbody PRO app contains 7 pre-installed EMS programs, as well as a variety of adjustable sub-programs covering all types and intensities. The adjustment of the different frequencies is done automatically by the app. 


Our Basic programs are ideally suited to familiarize yourself with EMS training and to have a gentle and ideal start in EMS training with Visionbody. The Basic programs are not only for the training start, but can also be used ideally to improve their e.g. their warm-up significantly!


With our endurance programs, everyone, whether beginner or experienced endurance athlete can increase his basic endurance with already 4 units. With the EMS impulses, the training effect is significantly increased in the shortest time and is therefore the ideal program for all who want to boost their metabolism in the shortest time!


Effective training with minimal time commitment is our promise and what drives us at Visionbody. Strength is what drives our bodies. With our EMS strength training program, we deliver on a promise that will make them stronger, faster and more explosive in best time. From young to old. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete. Visionbody EMS strength program will help them get their best body in best time.

Cool Down

In this program, your muscles are stimulated with light contractions so that they can relax. This program is ideal for stretching and an extra recovery session after a heavy workout. Enjoy the light impulses and start your recovery process.


Wellness is a very relaxing, anti-stress program that is designed to help you find the rest and relaxation that will help you find yourself optimally and start the regeneration process after a long and hard day at work. The wellness program is not the typical cool down program after a hard workout. It is much more relaxing and gentle to your body and helps to forget the stress of everyday life.


Our special program includes two programs that will take care of their recovery and skin appearance in a special way. The massage program to relax tense muscles and the anti-cellulite program, where a constant EMS pulse stimulates and actively promotes blood circulation. Both programs activate the metabolism and provide an improved recovery of their body.

Fat Burning

Our Fat Burning program combines EMS pulses so uniquely with each other that muscle, metabolic and circulatory training can work together effectively. So unique, as it would be possible with no other training method. This is the only way to create a metabolic effect with just 20 minutes of training, which will melt your fat pads even more specifically and effectively. And that’s where it counts (On the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms).

Trainers can select the desired training goals from each of these programs. Each training program is specifically designed to meet the different needs of users and the type of training they do. Frequencies and waveforms vary from program to program. The ratio of pulse to pulse pause and intensity is fully customizable to suit all fitness levels.

Visionbody Dashboard

The dashboard is the logbook of all activities and allows maximum transparency about the use of the EMS system.
Both trainer and trainee train with their own Visionbody ID. 

Each workout provides data on the duration and intensity of the set stimulation areas, which after training can be retrieved at any time via the dashboard (also by the trainee).

Ready for

As Studio operator you also get a precise insight into which customers, how long and intensively trained with which trainer.

Through the access control of the EMS system, you can decide that only your trainers who have passed the qualification of “Fachkunde EMF” according to DIN 33961, part 5 will have access to the Visionbody EMS system.


VB PRO is the wireless EMS system for professional use.


VB HOME is the high-performance EMS system for private use at home and on the road.


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