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Mobile EMS / EMA Rehab-Vest plus
12 Channel Electrodes-System.
For optimal use in any location. 

VB REHAB is the mobile solution for patients with very limited mobility. The 12-channel box is easy to transport and supplies the 24 electrodes that can be applied to the body with a special mixture of low frequencies (0-500 Hz) and medium frequencies (0-10k Hz). The heart rate composition can be chosen by the treating person.

VB REHAB can stop muscle deterioration in bedridden patients as well as significantly accelerate the rehabilitation process.

The special EMS/EMA rehab vest has been designed so that it can be easily wrapped around the body even when the patient is fully equipped with infusions, artificial renal support and/or ventilator

made in germany


EMS/EMA is the best solution to keep muscles alive, re-accelerate metabolism and blood flow and reactivate cells.

But of course, patients:inside with limited mobility can not wear tight sportswear, they need a flexible, easy to use solution that allows them to activate the main muscle groups one by one and even without warming up.


For people in hospital or in coma:
VB-Box with RehabPad provides whole body muscle activation or specific medical treatments with individual frequency settings of :

  • 0-500 Hz low frequency and 0-10k Hz medium frequency.
  • 12 free and interchangeable electrodes (each with individual intensity settings)
  • ECG pads, silver textile accessories for legs and hands.


The VB REHA SUIT have electrodes on the chest, arms, back, abdomen, lower back, buttocks and legs. In addition, the vest can be opened completely quickly and easily. Thus, the vest can be easily put on bedridden patients.

For this vest must be moistened like electrodes to get the right contact with the "weak" parts of the body. For daily treatment is recommended underwear, which patients wear under the vest during treatment.


Integrated abdominal belt

20 integrated humidity electrodes

Extra large leg electrodes

Strong Velcro fasteners

Fast & effective:
a milestone for the patients

Whether your patients are not yet able to move on their own or are already in the rehab phase of their training. The RehabSuit is a real asset when it comes to activating muscles and speeding up the road to recovery.

Naturally, we can't cure disease, but we can help people recover faster and get back to living a quality life as quickly as possible.

The VB REHAB components




The VB Rehab Pad fascinates with the various possibilities of the new Rehab App on the iPad or also on the iPhone. In the stand designed for Visionbody it becomes an enrichment in every practice. Easy slide in and out of the iPad from the stand if you want to be more mobile. Easily control 12 channels with the VB Rehab Pad and adjust the frequencies you need to your liking.

Give your patients the best feeling and unique results with frequencies up to 10,000 Hz and many new rehab programs.

The VB Rehab Suit is unique in its kind. It can be opened and closed easily. Patients who can no longer move are placed in the VB Rehab Suit and after one minute the treatment can begin. No cables or awkward connections that prevent effective training. Our applications on ALS patients have shown a significant improvement in health.

Patients who can move are able to put on the VB Rehab Suit themselves and immediately begin effective treatment.

Put on the VB Rehab Suit, click on the box, start the app, start the treatment.

The VB Rehab Box is the brain of a completely new development for the rehab sector. Connectivity for 12 channels and 24 electrodes. Low and medium frequency up to 10.000 hz in such a mobile version, small and easy to develop, has never been seen before. Discover with this completely new innovation new treatment methods with your patients. Back to mobility through an active and mobile treatment is, in our view, the key to success.

Static treatments were yesterday. A quick rehabilitation through active muscle training and back into everyday life. All this is in this small VB Rehab Box.

Dr. Marco Seita
a meaningful and very effective training method.

”The good to very good experiences in the last years with this procedure allow the hope to have herewith another additive, very good training exercise procedure as a component of a holistic conservative concept. And thus it will be possible to help more people with back problems and other muscular disorders, in the long term and above all sustainably!” in Palma de Mallorca at Clinica Luz.

Dr. Seita has been working for several years with modern therapy training concepts that can be successfully complemented with traditional, conservative procedures.

Here you can find an article by Dr. Seita in our blog.


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The Visionbody Professional EMS System components:


The Visionbody EMS suit for our PRO systems is a wireless and 10-channel EMS suit of the latest generation.


The Visionbody EMS Box is the powerhouse for EMS studios, personal trainers or physiotherapists.


The Visionbody PRO App is the command center of our innovative and powerful EMS system.


The Visionbody PRO system enables intensive EMS functional workouts in groups of up to eight people.

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