VB20 Training Club

What VB20 Training Club  means for you?

The VB20 Training Club is the most effective EMS Training System to built your best body with minimalist training equipment in no time and delivers maximum results! Whenever you are a busy Mum, hard working Dad, CEO or Athlete.

VB20 Training principles will help you to…

Burn Fat where it matters

We show you why EMS is such a great booster for Fat Loss and how to apply this state of the art fitness technology to your training routine.

Stay Fit & Healthy for Life

EMS is the most advanced training method to stay fit & healthy especially as a best ager.

Overcome motivation Issues

With EMS you can shrink training time to a minimum and make strength & endurance training more fun that you think it might be.

Learn how to train effectively

We not only sell you a training tool. We help you understand how it works best in combination with your training goals.

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You need some ideas how to organise your EMS training routine? We got this point covered for you!

The Choice is Yours:

Get Strong, Lose Fat,Be proud of your body and Fall in love with training again

….Or Don’t and stay soft, unmotivated and overwhelmed by life.

The path to being STRONG, LEAN, and ATHLETIC is here.

VB20 STRONG Workshop

This Zoom Workshop is for everybody who wants to increase strength, speed, and power.

Incorporating functional bodybuilding principles, you will increase strength, speed, and power. Our finest EMS technology will help you built muscle and eliminate imbalances throughout your body.


EQUIPMENT: Visionbody PowerSuit, Small Dumbbells, Rubber Bands & a TRX Trainer.

VB20 SHRED Workshop

This Zoom Workshop is for everybody who wants to build muscle, lose fat, and get jacked.

The periodized system revolutionizes bodybuilding and interval training to build dense muscles and deliver sickpack abs. If you number one goal is to get jacked and look shredded, this online workshop is the answer.


EQUIPMENT: Visionbody PowerSuit, Small Dumbbells, Rubber Bands & a TRX Trainer.

VB20 ATHLETIC Workshop

This Zoom Workshop is for everybody who wants to get in, hit it hard, and get back to real life.

The program provides time efficient EMS strength training, and highly effective intervals to maximize metabolic conditioning with minimal time commitment. Strapped on time but need to get after it? VB20 ATHLETIC is for you.


EQUIPMENT:Visionbody PowerSuit, Small Dumbbells, Rubber Bands & a TRX Trainer.

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