Losing weight with EMS

To be able to lose weight effectively, you must either train very intensively or put a lot of time into your endurance training.

Intensity is so important because only in this way the muscles are emptied of glycogen stores and then replenished by stored fat. Intensity can only be generated by very intense workouts, such as training with very heavy weights or fast and explosive movements.

Visionbody EMS helps you get the benefits of intense- and explosive training for you, but in a safe and far more effective way!

Visionbody EMS training makes your muscles work much more intensively than traditional strength training. Our EMS pulses capture up to 90% of your muscles, compared to 40-50% with traditional training. And most people simply don’t have the equipment or physical requirements to train with heavy weights or perform fast or explosive movements. EMS training is the perfect solution to solve these problems in an easy and safe way!

Visionbody EMS is therefore more effective for losing weight because on the one hand it reduces the training time to 15-20min, but still brings the same results as 3-4 hours of traditional strength and/or endurance training!

So, when we combine EMS training with science-based training methods, we can extremely reduce the training time and boost the results for fat burning!

This is what a week of Fat Loss training with EMS can look like:

20 – 40min per week training: train 1 to 2 times per week a 20min with our EMS Fat Loss program

40 – 80min per week training: 1-2 times a 20min EMS Strength training and 1-2 x a 20min with our Fat Loss training

80 – 120min per week training: 1-2 times a 20min EMS Strength training and

1-2 times a 20min with our Fat Loss training + 1 session of 20min EMS Endurance training and

1-2 times 20min EMS Stretching and Massage programs

EMS training is by far the best solution to celebrate incredible weight loss results and in best time and no matter how old you are or how fit you may be!

EMS will help you metabolize more fat and get a stunning body in no time.



VB PRO is the wireless EMS system for professional use.


VB HOME is the high-performance EMS system for private use at home and on the road.


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