Relieve pain with EMS

Chronic pain in muscles and joints can have a lasting negative impact on our lives. Unfortunately, too many Germans already know this feeling. Waking up in the morning with pain that lasts until the evening. Whether caused by injuries, sports or one-sided, sedentary positions at work. Visionbody EMS can help you to get rid of this pain and to have a life that is fun again. From morning to night…

The special electrical pulses also capture the really deep muscles that are difficult or impossible to reach through conventional training and treatment methods. Our special full-body EMS training with the Visionbody PowerSuit represents a time-saving and also very effective all-round training, which achieves both therapeutic and preventive goals with maximum effectiveness.

Low frequencies are used here to reduce pain in nerves, joints and muscles. These pains are often a result of years of neglect of the respective body structures. The pain occurs in a variety of forms and locations in the body, such as the lower back, shoulder, neck, knees and elbows. Migraine is also a form of pain that can be significantly reduced with EMS low frequencies.

Mid frequencies on the other hand, are responsible for strengthening the muscles, but also to relax sustainably by stimulating blood circulation. Athletes have so far benefited most from mid-frequency technology by using it to stimulate blood circulation immediately after an injury. This quickly removes harmful substances and ensures that new nutrients are transported to the muscles.

EMS low and medium frequencies are in combination one of the most natural and effective remedies after a serious injury and against chronic pain in everyday life. Visionbody EMS makes it possible that you can also benefit from this unique technology at home!

Here are the 5 benefits of Visionbody EMS against chronic pain:

  • EMS improves blood circulation in the muscles, generating heat that naturally relaxes the muscles.
  • EMS pulses relaxes the muscles, preventing muscle cramps and muscle fatigue after exercise.
  • EMS is particularly effective after injury, because it trains the muscle without negatively impacting the body. The body’s own structures continue to be trained and you need much less time for the recovery process.
  • EMS pulses stimulate the production of endorphins (a natural pain killer)
  • EMS training also minimizes inflammation in the body, which also has a positive effect on muscles.

Visionbody EMS pulses effectively help to relax muscles, make them more mobile and regenerate joints. So you can finally live and enjoy your life pain-free!


VB PRO is the wireless EMS system for professional use.


VB HOME is the high-performance EMS system for private use at home and on the road.


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